Myths About Plant Based Nutrition

Myths About Plant Based Nutrition

by Payal Shah on Sep 14, 2021

Plant based nutrition has been dismissed by many because of certain common and misleading myths about it. If you have heard that a plant-based diet does not provide enough carbs for your body or you will not get the essential vitamins from it, then you, too, have fallen prey to some popular myths. So, it is about time that you know all the facts about plant based nutrition, and make an informed decision for yourself.

Busted: Myths About Plant Based Nutrition

Myth: Plant based nutrition means a strictly vegetable diet.

Fact: While it is true that there is a lot of iron in meat; it is, by no means, true that plant based nutrition is bereft of iron. Many vegetarian and vegan food items like chickpeas, green leafy veggies, lentils, and fruits have iron in them that your body can absorb and use. If you are a vegan, tofu is an excellent alternative to meat in terms of iron.

Myth: There is no protein that can be gained from a plant based diet.

Fact: One of the primary reasons why those who work-out are encouraged to eat meat is because of the high protein content in it. On the other hand, it is believed that plant based diets do not have any protein to offer. One simple way to get your daily dose of plant based protein is to add a scoop of a protein powder to your morning drink. You could choose from varied flavours, including pea protein powder and even brown rice protein powder. Besides that, there are many vegetarian food items like oats, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, and more that can act as a daily alternative to meat.

Myth: Plant based diet is hard to maintain since the food is bland.

Fact: If you are the butt of many vegetarian jokes, you need to show your friends and family that vegetarian food can be a delight. It is absolutely untrue that a plant based nutrition or diet is an endless array of bland food. There are different salads, soups, and gravies that you can easily make with different veggies. Experimenting with tasty condiments like mint mayo, ketchup, and mustard can instantly elevate the taste of your dish.


The primary motive of a plant based nutrition is to encourage eating plant based products, but with an emphasized focus on your dietary nutritional needs. So, good luck on this new journey of plant based nutrition and make sure to fact check the popular misconceptions around this practice.