Plant-Based Proteins As Effective As Whey

Plant-Based Proteins As Effective As Whey

by Payal Shah on Sep 14, 2021

Protein is mostly found in meats; however, for vegetarians and vegans who want to undertake an ethical and guilt-free diet, plant-based proteins are an alternative source of protein.

Proteins for bodybuilding and endurance 

If you are keen on building muscles, you may wonder why not consume whey. Whey is known to be one of the best protein sources and is highly popular among people who are heavily into building muscles. Whey is consumed as a protein powder in the form of shakes and contains many essential amino acids.

However, whey protein should not be consumed as an alternative to Plant-based proteins because of reasons such as -

  1. Vegan Diet 
    For vegans, whey is not the best option since it is made from dairy. Thus, vegans find it easier to opt for a dairy alternative like tofu, soy, peas, and beans for their protein intake.
  2. Lacks Amino Acids 
    Contrary to popular opinion, not every brand of whey provides an individual with the required nutrition in protein intake and amino acids. Be very careful when choosing a whey powder and thoroughly examine its ingredients.
  3. Holistic nutrition
    Plant-based proteins like beans, tofu, tempeh, green peas, and lentils provide a host of other nutrients like zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B12, etc., unlike whey. These are equally important for building muscles and improving your overall health.

Whey vs Plant-based Proteins

Choosing whey or plant-based proteins is an entirely personal preference.

  • Whey powders are made from dairy sources - so if you are looking for a dairy alternative owing to digestion difficulties, dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, plant-based protein sources may be right for you. Having said that, there are vegan whey options available in the market too, but they may be priced expensively.
  • Whey powders undergo processing to include essential amino acids - whereas plant-based proteins like nuts and beans are natural containers of amino acids. Even though proteins like tofu and nut butter undergo some processing, it is negligible compared to manufacturing whey powder.
  • Many people opt for whey protein powders for bodybuilding and recovery since these powders help in quick muscle gain and more rapid weight loss when combined with a proper workout regimen. Plant-based proteins also help in fast muscle recovery. The benefit they have is that depending on the variety of protein being consumed, they contain other nutrients and can be eaten together with supplements like lentils, beans, quinoa or seeds.

Choose Plant-based Proteins Over Whey

While whey is a good source of protein, if you want to improve your overall bodily health, choose plant-based proteins. Plant-based proteins also have gluten-free options for those that suffer from gluten allergies. While whey powders are excellent sources of protein for instant muscle development, for a more wholesome diet and improved health over a longer duration, nutritionists recommend consuming plant-based proteins.