About Us

Who are we?

Our mission is to deliver high quality plant-based nutrition for all. Good health makes life more enjoyable, and we want to help everyone access good nutrition to support it.

Our long term goals are to help strengthen India's food security while adding taste and nourishment to every plate.

PRO2FIT was founded by wife-husband duo Payal and Saurabh Shah

Payal has 14+ years of experience in dietary supplements. Having developed a passion veganism, she was driven to help make plant-based nutrition accessible in India.

Saurabh, an IIT-ian, has 20+ years of experience in nutraceutical formulation designing and product development with a deep understanding of domestic and international markets and supply chains. Driven by a passion to strengthen food security for all, Saurabh and Payal combined their skills to start PRO2FIT.