Liver Detox
Liver Detox
Liver Detox
Liver Detox
Liver Detox
Liver Detox
Liver Detox

Liver Detox

Rs. 580.00 Rs. 899.00
Live, to your fullest. Clinically proven ingredients to support liver health & reduce toxin levels.
Liver Detox (30 Capsules)
₹ 580.00
Lung Detox (30 Capsules)
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Liver Detox

Liver Detox

Rs. 580.00 Rs. 899.00

What a Liver Detox really does for you

Reduces Toxins &
Free Radicals

Our ingredients act as a catalyst to enhance the livers function, making its job a lot easier by helping to flush out the toxins caused by alcohol or any other substances.

Aids Digestion & Boosts
Fat Metabolism

A liver detox improves the secretion of bile, that's quintessential for proper digestion & fat metabolism.


The liver is responsible for regulating up to 80% of cholesterol levels while only 20% is regulated by food. A detox may help remove the bad cholesterol more efficiently.

Long Term Protection

With age, our livers volume goes down by 20-40%. Preventive healthcare is paramount to keep the liver functioning steadily.

All our Favorites,
Now Yours

Amla & Milk Thistle

Proven to be extemely benefial for all liver functions, Amla & Milk thistle also have anti inflammatory properties, making them ideal to improving skin functioning too.

Moringa Leaf Extract

Loaded with vitamins & minerals, this super ingredient reduces liver damage by restoring it's enzymes and easing inflammation.


Containing potent anti inflammatory properties, Licorice protects the liver against alcohol related damage.


Rich in vitamins & antioxidants Dandelion helps eliminate free radicals that contribute to ageing and diseases.

Certified Vegan

Clean Label

Quality Assured

What The Real Pro's Say

PRO2FIT has many more benefits apart from muscle gain making it ideal for me and others like me.

- Anjul Namdeo, Wushu Player

Detox, For The Organ That Needs It The Most

A Few Things That Detrimental To Our Livers Functioning

Excessive Alcohol

Processed Food

Sedentary Lifestyle

Heavy Medication

~ Our Liver Filters Out Most Of The Harmful Toxins That Come From Our Modern Lifestyle. ~

~ Unfortunately It's Not Possible To Eat And Drink Clean All The Time. ~

~ Hence, We Help Make It Easier On The Liver, So That You Can Live To The Fullest. ~

100% Vegan. Chemical & Preservative Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free

No Perservatives

No Trans Fat

Cruelty Free

No Added Sugar

Dairy Free


Burning Questions?
We'd love to answer them

How does liver detox help me?
We can take the liver detox?
Individuals who have a history of a fatty liver, alcoholism, liver infections or metabolism problems
What's Liver Detox's recommended serving dose
We recommend you to take one capsule post-meal every day. Consistency is the key to achieving results with nutraceutical products
What are the side effects of liver detox?
PRO2FIT brings high quality, scientific researched products. No side effects are observed on daily consumption. However, consulting a physician is advised if you have a medical history.
Do i need to restrict or follow diet plan?
No, please do not restrict for any food cravings! We would recommend avoiding cholesterol rich food and excess alcohol.


Customer Reviews

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Best for fatty liver, just go for it.

I have just started using this product one of my friend is using this he recommended me that's why I have started using this.