Lung Support
Lung Support
Lung Support
Lung Support
Lung Support

Lung Support

Rs. 659.00 Rs. 1,099.00
Experience your lungs working at their peak. As easy as breathing.

Lung Support

Lung Support

Rs. 659.00 Rs. 1,099.00

PRO2FIT Lung Support is a herb and vitamin supplement formulated to support healthy lungs.

We’ve developed this supplement with vitamin C and a blend of herbs to support one of your body’s most important organs.

Our herbal formulation contains echinacea, ginger, nettle, liquorice, lotus rhizome, inula racemosa and grapeseed extract to target inflammation, reduce excessive mucus and provide antioxidants.

At a glance:
✔ 30 capsules
✔ Formulated specifically to support lung health
✔ A blend of herbs to improve immunity and reduce inflammation
✔ Contains antioxidant-rich flavonoids and polyphenols
✔ Vitamin C
✔ Less than 20INR (per dose)
✔ Free from: GMOs, dairy, soy, gluten and cholesterol
✔ Certified vegan

All our of favorites,
now yours

Echinacea Purpurea Extract

Rich in antioxidants, Echinacea helps to boost immunity and is traditionally used to treat cold symptoms.

Lotus Rhizome

Widely used to reduce coughing, lotus rhizome also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Liquorice Extract

Has to anti inflammatory & antimicrobial effects

Grape Seed Extract

Has excellent anti-inflammatory effects, helps individuals with respiratory disorders.


Piperine is used to increase the bioavailability of all ingredients


A plant pigment that helps reduce lung inflammation, amonng other benefits.

Inula Racemosa

This ayurvedic herb has been traditionally used to treat cough & asthma.

Ginger Extract

Ginger helps to boost immunity while helping to reduce inflammation and hyperoxia.

Vitamin C

An essential nutrient to help protect the lungs against any infections or chronic disorders.

Stinging Nettle Extract

Often used to treat high mucous levels, asthma and chronic cough due to its high density of nutrients

Certified Vegan

Clean Label

Quality Assured

Make the switch today



No Preservatives

No Trans-Fat


No Added Sugar




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Ultimate lungs detoxifier and strengthener

I use the product for lungs detox . It works wonderfully for detoxing and strengthening the lungs